Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EVENTS: Thursday. June 4th: Humanization 4tet

This Week at Brickbat Books:

Thursday, June 4th at 8PM:
Humanization 4tet

Humanization 4tet:
Humanization 4tet is the brainchild of Luis Lopes, an innovative guitarist from Lisbon, Portugal. Influenced equally by avant jazz, classic blues, heavy rock, and modern composition, Luis transcends the mere stylistic implications of his influences in order to engage and showcase a more deep, individualistic musical personality. Joining him is the strong, searching, and soulful tenor sax of Rodrigo Amado. Rodrigo is the leader of the celebrated Lisbon Improvisation Players, and is also known for his records with the likes of Ken Filiano, Kent Kessler, Paal Nilssen-Love, and Carlos Zingaro. He is also an avid and talented photographer. Completing the group are the imported family rhythm section of Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez of Dallas, Texas. They are known for their work in Yells At Eels, with their father, jazz trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez, as well as for Akkolyte, a two-piece hardcore onslaught that has earned them a reputation for uncompromising heaviness, energy, and innovation.

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