Saturday, June 27, 2009

EVENTS: Monday. June 29th: Jakob & Sus/ Jakob Olausson, Rafi Bookstaber

Bruce Conner Drawings, Vol. 1, available at Brickbat Books

Monday, June 29th, 8PM


Brickbat Books

Jakob & Sus/ Jakob Olausson

Rafi Bookstaber

Sus & Jakob/ Jakob Olausson (Sweden/Denmark)
"People who've seen them play have mentioned Patty Waters, Linda Sharrock, Brother Ahh, Strange Strings etc as reference points for the drooling gawkers. It sure is recalling the homeburned jazz sounds of the past. They play French horn, Flutes and saxophonic vocals over soothing harplike tidal waves."
"Jakob Olausson is best known, if at all, for his sub-radar activities with Sweden’s Joshua Jugband 5 (check yr Slippytown back catalogue for more of that brand of boo) but this, his first solo LP, is a whole other bucket of flesh. Moonlight Farm is one of the most beautifully nocturnal and disconcertingly intimate broadcasts to make it out of the heart of the wood since Joshua’s Gold Cosmos. The overall atmosphere has the same kind of early electric feel as MV’s Maximum Arousal recordings, while Olausson’s evocatively double-tracked vocals move from a weighted down Skip Spence/Ben Chasny hybrid to a pro-denim and leather Leonard Cohen (or does that make him Jim Morrison?). His songs cross endless tranced dirges with drones that are so lunar they illuminate the entire horizon and huge distorto-smears of backing vox that sound like tiny fists crushing the light from stars. Some of the instrumentals here are so evocatively conceived – beautifully reconciling handmade DIY traditions and higher-minded bliss – that they sound positively Japanese...But it’s the songs you’ll keep coming back to, elegiac teleports to the fringes of a whole other evocatively conceived universe, where every breath births reverberant shadows and the map of yr desires reads like a mirror of the constellations. ~ David Keenan

Rafi Bookstaber:
"...eteeristä psychedelia ja massojen? Ehkä... riippuu mitä kasautuvan. Sora. Karvainen isännättömien tyttöjä. Suuri paaluilla natriumbikarbonaattia. Muista sooth että vaikea päästä kutka välillä vasemman ja oikean pallonpuoliskoa." -isä Tiiliskivi kirjan vaimo

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