Friday, May 1, 2009


McSweeney's 24 (the Barthelme issue)

Hardcover double-bound "Z" binding, $24.00

McSweeney's 19
Cigar box issue, $22.00

McSweeney's 16

Hardcover, baffling zizag binding, $24.00

George Saunders & Lane Smith: The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip
Hardcover Book, $20.00

Art Spiegelman: Be a Nose!
Be a Nose! takes Spiegelman's sketchbooks from 1979, 1983 and 2007 and reproduces them, ink spots and all, for the first time ever.
Three Hardbound Books with a printed band. $29.00

Marcel Dzama: The Berliner Ensemble Thanks You All
Twenty-eight loose-leaf prints, a scrapbook, a fold-out poster, and an insert card all housed in a printed folder, $42.00

J. Storer Clouston: The Lunatic at Large
Hardcover, $18.00

Javier Marias: Voyage Along The Horizon
Paperback, $16.00

Harry Stephen Keeler: The Riddle Of The Traveling Skull
Hardcover, $18.00

Robert Coover: Stepmother
Hardcover, $14.00

Also Available:

Nick Hornby Songbook (illustrated by Marcel Dzama)
(Hardcover w/CD, unopened) $59.95

John Brandon: Arkansas
(Hardcover) $22.00

Stephen Dixon: I
(Hardcover) $18.00

Dave Eggers: You Shall Know Our Velocity
(Hardcover) $20.00

Lawrence Krauser: Lemon
(Hardcover) $9.95

Wholphin 4

McSweeney's 1-3

McSweeney's 11

McSweeney's 7 (Unopened)

McSweeney's 4

McSweeney's Sampler 1

McSweeney's 25

William Vollmann: Rising Up And Rising Down
(Seven Volume Hardcover Boxed Set) $895.00

All titles can be purchased from:

Brickbat Books
709 South Fourth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

Open every day, 11am to 7pm.

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