Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EVENTS: Wed. May 27th: Noa Babayof & Sharron Kraus

May 27th
Wednesday at 8PM
Brickbat Books

Noa Babayof
Sharron Krauss

Noa Babayof:
"Striking work by this Israeli singer-songwriter, possessing a willowy, chilling voice and milky lower register, delicately accented in the style of a femme Nick Drake channeling Nico, that lends a spectral presence to this gorgeously arranged set...Thrilling both instrumentally and in its welcoming, outstretched ambiance, its gentle, mildly unsettling facades chase the sun down with a bewitching drive..." (Other Music)

Sharron Kraus:
"She conjures up visions of Karen Dalton, Shirley Collins, Judy Dyble and even early Joni. Live she was fantastic too..." (Thurston Moore & Byron Coley)

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