Sunday, March 22, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Vintage Mid-Century Paperbacks

The Transposed Heads, Thomas Mann
Cover by Paul Rand, $7.95

Hawkweed, Paul Goodman
(out of print) $9.95

I'm Not Stiller, Max Frisch
Cover by Giovanni Guarcello $6.95

Lafcadio's Adventures, Andre Gide
Cover by Anonio Frasconi $8.95

Forces In Modern British Literature, William Tindell
Cover by Paul Rand $6.95

The War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine, H.G. Wells
Cover by George Giusti and Bill Meek $9.95

The Trial of Lady Chatterley, Regina V. Penguin Books Limited
Cover and interior illustrations by Paul Hogarth $7.95

The Marble Faun, Nathaniel Hawthorne
(artist unknown) $4.95

The Twelve Chairs, Ilf & Petrov
Cover by Giovanni Guarcello $11.95

Nightmates of Eminent Persons, Bertrand Russell
Cover by Milton Glaser $9.95

The Field of Vision, Wright Morris
Cover by Milton Glaser $6.95

The Death of Tragedy, George Steiner
Cover by saul Lambert $9.95

Trio, W. Somerset Maugham (Hardcover, 1st Edition)
Cover by Bill English $12.95

Three Tragedies, Federico Garcia Lorca
(artist unknown) $7.95

House of Incest, Anais Nin
Cover and interior art by Val Telberg $7.95

Marx & Engels


Will said...

Patrick, some great covers here! The Lorca cover is by Alvin Lustig. I salivate every time I stumble on this flickr group:

Brickbat said...

An interesting note about the Lorca cover: It's been altered/censored, not sure which The original hardback jacket had a cross in the lower right corner. The bottom left had the title scrawled on a crumpled piece of paper.(