Thursday, March 5, 2009

EVENTS: Fire Museum Presents: The Alliance Tour

Fire Museum Presents: The Alliance Tour

Sunday, March 15th at 8pm$5

Brickbat Books

709 South Fourth Street

Infinity Window

duo of Taylor Richardson (Prehistoric Blackout/Sunburned Hand Of The Man/Purple Haze) and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)

“Well beyond ‘mere’ drone/loop automating, this is deeply focused, sensual tone float that combines the most mind-altering new age specifics with Industrial grime and sensual dream logic. Beautiful and highly recommended." -Volcanic Tongue

Mark McGuire


"Solo guitar and tapes from Mark McGuire of Emeralds in a heavy minimalist proto-Europe Endless/Kraftwerk style, with delayed arpeggio guitar chopped into melancholy metronomic waves that provide a beautiful backwards transport. Some of the guitar playing reflects on such classy F/X inflected moments as Cul De Sac’s “Doldrums” but there’s also a weird, UK folk aspect that would join the dots between Flying Saucer Attack and Nick Drake.” –We Are Up for Sale



Kicking off the jams this evening is Fishtown’s pride and joy, Enumclaw (aka Norman Fetter of Niagara Falls). This is some of the toastiest mind-melt you’ll come across, show up “fashionably late” to this one and you’ll be taunted over missing such sonic sorcery.

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