Monday, February 16, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Poetry Part 2

Ron Silliman, The Alphabet (PB) 24.95

Catherine Pierce, Famous Last Words (PB) 7.95

Cathy Park Hong, Dance Dance Revolution (HB) 10.95

George Oppen, New Collected Poems (PB w/CD) 13.95

Timothy Liu, Polytheogamy (PB) 11.95

Sebastian Agudelo, To the Bone (PB) 9.95

Jerome Rothenberg, Poetics & Polemics (PB) 16.00

Eric Keenaghan, Queering Cold War Poetry (HB) 19.95 out of print

James Smith, Don't Leave Hungry, $13.95

Dennis O'Driscoll, Stepping Stones, Interviews with Seamus Heaney (HB) 17.50

Endi Bogue Hartigan, One Sun Storm (PB) 9.50

Lila Zemborain, Mauve Sea-Orchids (PB) 16.95

David Arnold, Poetry & Language Writing (HB) 29.95

Robert Roper, Now the Drum of War, Walt Whitman (HB) 13.50

Cambridge Companion to Seamus Heaney (PB) 11.95

Michael D. Snediker, Queer Optimism (PB) 17.00

Paul Blackburn, Proensa (HB) 34.95 out of print

Ko Un, Abiding Places (PB) 7.95

Luis de Gongora y Argote, Gongora (PB) 9.95

James Agee, Selected Poems (HB) 12.95

Mary Oliver, The Truro Bear (HB) 12.95

Robert Bly, Leaping Poetry (PB) 9.95

Elizabeth Swados, The One and Only Human Galaxy (PB) 12.95

James Tate, Dreams of a Robot Dancing Bee (PB) 8.95

Rosemarie Waldrop, Curves to the Apple (PB) 9.95

Maxine Kumin, Still to Mow (PB) 7.95

Brad Leithauser, Curves and Angles (HB) 8.95

Lucille Clifton, Voices (PB) 8.95

Juri Talvet, Estonian Elegy (PB) 7.95

A.B. Spellman, Things I Must Have Known (PB) 6.95

Robert Pack, Still Here Still Now (HB) 7.95

Jennifer Firestone, Letters to Poets (PB) 7.95

Eugen Jebeleanu, Secret Weapon (PB) 8.95

Georg Trakl, Poems of (PB) 9.95

Christine Rhein, Wild Flight (HB) 11.95

David Weiss, Gnomon (HB) 9.95 out of print

David Baker, Midwest Eclogue (HB) 8.95

Nicole Brossard, Notebooks of Roses and Civilization (PB) 8.95

Jerome Rothenberg, Writing Through (PB) 12.95

Robert Boyers, A Book of Common Praise (PB) 8.95

Verse- A Second Decade (PB) 9.95 out of print

David Hinton, Mountain Home (PB) 7.95

David Lodge, Consciousness and the Novel (PB) 9.95

Tom Disch, About the Size of It (PB) 9.95

Kamau Brathwaite, DS 2 (PB) 11.95

James Laughlin, Byways (PB) 11.95

Aleksander Skidan, Red Shifting (PB) 7.95

Nathaniel Tarn, Ins and Outs of the Forest River (PB) 9.95

Maxine Kumin, Jack (PB) 8.95

Wendy Mnookin, The Moon Makes its Own Plea (PB) 7.95

Frank Giampietro, Begin Anywhere (PB) 7.95

Kwame Dawes, Gomer's Song (PB) 6.95

William S. Trout, Time & Memory (PB) 7.95

Devin Johnston, Sources (PB) 7.95

Charlie Smith, Women of America (PB) 7.95

Daniel Brown, Taking the Occasion (HB) 8.95

Michael Ryan, Baby B (HB) 8.95

Kathryn L. Pringle, Right New Biology (PB) 8.95

Brett Evans, Slosh Models (PB) 8.95

Erica Kaufman, Censory Impulse (PB) 8.95

Jules Boykoff, Hegemonic Love Potion (PB) 8.95

Peter Waldor, Door to a Noisy Room (PB) 7.95

Franck Andre Jamme, New Excercises (PB) 7.95

Wayne Miller, The Book of Props (PB) 8.95

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215 592 1207

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