Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Jean Baudrillard: Cool Memories IV (PB) $13.95

Maurice Blanchot: Aminadab (PB) $12.95

Kenneth Koch: Art of the Possible: Comics Mainly without Pictures (PB) $8.95

Ezra Pound's Radio Operas (Hardcover) $19.95

Roberto Rossellini: My Method (PB) $9.95

Leslie Scalapino: That They Were at the Beach (PB) $8.95

Leslie Scalapino: The Way (PB) $8.95

Heather Fuller: Perhaps This Is a Rescue Fantasy (PB) $9.50

Neo Shunga (PB, Slipcased) $8.95

Japanese Movie Billboards (PB) $9.95

J-Rock Groupies (PB) $9.95

Cosplay Girls (PB) $9.95

Small House Tokyo (PB, Slipcased) $8.95

Japan's Bar Girls (PB, Slipcased) $8.95

Michel Leiris: Scratches (Lydia Davis, transl.) (PB) $9.95

Michel Leiris: Scraps (Lydia Davis, transl.) (PB) $9.95

Jean Baudrillard: Passwords (PB) $13.95

Avital Ronell: Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, Electrical Speech (HB) $29.95

David Goodis: Black Friday (PB) $6.95

Francis Carco: Perversity (PB) $9.95

Robert Edward Alter: Carny Kill (PB) $6.95

Raymond Roussel & the Republic of Dreams by Mark Ford (Hardcover) $14.95

Cock: Indian Firework Art (Accordian Bound & Boxed) $26.95

Culinaria: Germany (PB) $15.95

Paul Rabinow, ed.: Essential Foucault (HB) $14.95

Jean Paulhan: Progress in Love on the Slow Side (Hardcover) $14.95

All titles can be purchased from:

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Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

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