Saturday, March 7, 2009

EVENTS: March 14th at 4PM: Historian Kenneth Milano: The History of the Kensington Soup Society

The History of the Kensington Soup Society, 1844-2008

“Kensington Soup House. - This building, located in Allen Street, Eighteenth Ward, daily presents a scene of interest to all who concern themselves about the alleviation of human suffering. The society is now busy in dispensing its charities, and many a crushed spirit is the recipient of its bounty. Every morning hundreds of the poorest residents of the vicinity vie to the spot to have their kettles filled with soup, which is received with an eagerness which shows that want and hunger is pinching. The applicants are of all ages and of both sexes and colors. Ragged children come from squalid homes, but there are also some attired with comparative neatness, who show by their demeanor that their position is strange and unpleasant. Women approach at times timidly, obtain the relief and depart quickly, but with eyes that speak gratitude. Old men bowed with age and sorrow also come, and tearfully thank the dispensers of the nourishment which is to prolong their days of sadness. There is much distress in the vicinity of the Soup House, and the society well deserves the aid and co-operation of the benevolent in their good work.” - 2 Feb 1861 Philadelphia Inquirer

Books by Kenneth Milano:

History of the Kensington Soup Society

History of Penn Treaty Park

Remembering Fishtown & Kensington

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Katie said...

Is this a signing, a release, a reading, etc?

Brickbat said...

This is Ken Milano's new book. I believe the official release is this week. He'll be reading excerpts, answering questions and signing books.