Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Black Lizard imprint has consistently published cream of the crop crime fiction, both original titles and reprints of classic out-of-print and unknown noir. These are not mysteries where bumbling old ladies whimsically solve murders, nor are these hard boiled detective novels where the hard-as-nails detective wisecracks around and scores a hot dame. These are much darker stories- the protagonists are often small-time crooks or average joes thrust into desperate situations, depressed and depraved and unsympathetic, with casual violence and lives spiralling into the black abyss. The authors all delve into these worlds in their own ways, ranging from the terse and tough Paul Cain to Barry Gifford's hallucinatory existentialism to David Goodis' hopeless down-and-outers to W.L. Heath's small town dramas. All deal with the uglier side of humanity and are all highly recommended.

JIM THOMPSON: The Getaway (PB) $6.95

JIM THOMPSON: Cropper's Cabin (PB) $6.95

FRANCIS CARCO: Perversity (PB) $11.95

DAVID GOODIS: Black Friday (PB) $6.95

DAVID GOODIS: Cassidy's Girl (PB) $6.95

JOHN LUTZ: The Truth of the Matter (PB) $4.95

JAMES M. CAIN: Sinful Woman (PB) $6.95

BARRY GIFFORD: Port Tropique (PB) $6.95

BILL PRONZINI & BARRY MALZBURG: Running of Beasts (PB) $6.95

BILL PRONZINI: Masques (PB) $6.95

DAN J. MARLOWE: Never Live Twice (PB) $6.95

MURRAY SINCLAIR: Only in L.A. (PB) $6.95

PETER RABE: Out Is Death (PB) $6.95

PAUL CAIN: Seven Slayers (PB) $6.95

HELEN NIELSEN: Sing Me a Murder (PB) $6.95

KENT NELSON: Straight Man (PB) $6.95

DAN J. MARLOWE: Strongarm (PB) $6.95

HARRY WHITTINGTON: Ticket to Hell (PB) $6.95

JOHN LUTZ: Truth of the Matter (PB) $6.95

DAN J. MARLOWE: Vengeance Man (PB) $6.95

SIN SORRACO: Low Bite (HB) $16.95

ROBERT EDMOND ALTER: Carny Kill (PB) $6.95

NJAMI SIMON: Coffin & Co. (PB) $6.95

ROGER L. SIMON: Dead Meet (PB) $6.95

HELEN NIELSEN: Detour (PB) $6.95

PETER RABE: Dig My Grave Deep (PB) $6.95

HARRY WHITTINGTON: Fires That Destroy (PB) $6.95

HARRY WHITTINGTON: Forgive Me, Killer (PB) $6.95

W.L. HEATH: Ill Wind (PB) $6.95

PETER RABE: Kill the Boss Goodbye (PB) $6.95

LIONEL WHITE: Killing (PB) $6.95

All titles can be purchased from:

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Philadelphia, PA 19147

215 592 1207

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