Sunday, November 2, 2008

EVENTS: Nov 7th, Garrett Caples and Chris McCreary Read



Making a rare east-coast appearance, acclaimed Oakland-based poet Garrett Caples will be at Brickbat Books on Friday, November 7. He'll be reading from his latest book, Complications, as well selections from Tau, the newly discovered and recently published work by late beat poet Philip Lamantia, which Caples edited for the fabled City Lights Press.
Publisher's Weekly has said that Oakland based writer Garrett Caples is "straddling the line between a Syd Barrett stream-of-sweet-nothings and the bachelor-machine eroticism of Duchamp."
Bay Area poet Brian Strang writes: "I really like Garrett Caples' new book, Complications, less a direct confrontation of icons than an attempt to wrestle with, and rewrite, the complexities inherent in twenty-first-century being. In The Garrett Caples Reader (Black Square), Caples was an iconoclast without a trace of Victorian limitations who, with his libertine erotic surrealism, was willing to take on anyone or any thing. . . . Seven years later, in Complications, Caples is no less bold but perhaps more measured in his approach. Rather than scything down icons of repression, he uses a more complex approach to his 'permanent revolution.' The self-congratulatory externalization inherent in many of our reductive cultural assumptions is necessarily and methodically dismantled with wit, clarity, and heart."
The late Beat-poet Philip Lamantia, in an interview with David Meltzer in San Francisco Beat (2001): "Another young friend, Garrett Caples, has just published in 1999 The Garrett Caples Reader, a wonderful book of prose and poetry. His erotic prose narrative 'Metempsychosis' . . . had already won him a reputation in 1998."
Philadelphia poet CA Conrad writes: "Garrett Caples replaces all burnt fuses with Surrealism's Bad Rap! One of the best CDs by a poet I've ever heard, no shit! I'm listening to it over and over, and want 'Light Sleeper' played at my funeral, or wedding, whichever comes first! By the time you get to 'Puna Baedekker' you won't want to ever jump out a window again, all ye window jumpers, but push the speakers against the screen and blare THIS tuning fork hidden in the Great Porridge American Poem. Live on its incredible, bright fields for a bit, try to tell me I'm wrong!"
Local poet Chris McCreary will be reading as well. He's the author of two books of poems, Dismembers and The Effacements. Poems from a new manuscript, Undone, can be found online at Scantily Clad Press, Fanzine, Eratio, and Turntable & Bluelight. Along with Jenn McCreary, he co-edits ixnay press, a small poetry press based in Philadelphia.

Garrett Caples is a poet based in Oakland, CA. He is the author of Complications (Meritage 2007) and The Garrett Caples Reader (Black Square 1999). His poetry cd, Surrealism's Bad Rap, was released by NarrowHouse in 2006. He is the editor of City Lights Pocket Poets #59, Tau by Philip Lamantia and Journey to the End by John Hoffman. His fiction has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail and the anthology Fetish (4 Walls 1998). He also contributed to the State of the Union (Wave 2008) poetry anthology. He is a contributing writer to the SF Bay Guardian specializing in hip-hop. An editor at City Lights Books, Caples is the curator of the upcoming American poetry series, City Lights Spotlight.

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