Wednesday, September 10, 2008


RAYMOND QUENEAU, EyeSeas (Les Ziaux) (PB) $12.95

JOHN KINSELLA, Divine Comedy (W.W. Norton) (HB) 19.95

JAMES TATE, The Ghost Soldiers (Harper Collins) (HB) 11.95

BRAD LEITHAUSER, Curves and Angles (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 9.95

MAUREEN N. MCLANE, Same Life (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux) (HB) 10.95

DAVID ERDMAN (ed), The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake, (University of CA) (HB) 44.95

CLIVE JAMES, Opal Sunset (W.W. Norton) (HB) 18.95

RICHARD HOWARD, Without Saying (Turtle Point) (PB) 9.95

ANNE STEVENSON, Selected Poems (American Poets Project) (HB) 9.95

ROBERT MCDOWELL, Poetry as Spiritual Practice (Free Press) (HB) 10.50

FRANK BIDART, Watching the Spring Festival (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux) (HB) 11.95

JAY PARINI, Why Poetry Matters (Yale Univ Press) (HB) 14.95

EURIPIDES, Medea (Free Press) (HB) 11.95

MOLLY PEACOCK, The Second Blush (W.W. Norton) (HB) 11.95

MARIO VARGAS LLOSA, Wellsprings (Harvard) (HB) 8.95

TINA CHANG, Language for a New Century (W.W. Norton) (PB) 15.95

DONALD HALL, Unpacking the Boxes (Houghton Mifflin) (HB) 14.50

ADRIENNE RICH, Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth (W.W. Norton) (HB) 13.95

FRANZ WRIGHT, Earlier Poems (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 12.95

MARGE PIERCY, The Crooked Inheritance (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 11.95

MICHAEL PALMER, Active Boundaries (New Directions) (PB) 12.95

CHARLES BERNSTEIN, Girly Mam (University of Chicago) (HB) 11.95

MARK STRAND, New Selected Poems (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 14.95

INGER CHRISTENSEN, It (New Directions) (PB) 10.95

LARS GUSTAFSSON, A Time in Xanadu (Copper Canyon) (PB) 8.95

ROBERT CREELEY, If I Were Writing This (New Directions) (PB) 11.95

ANNE WALDMAN, Red Noir (Farfalla) (PB) 12.95

AYUKAWA NOBUO, America (Kaya) (PB) 8.95

JILL SCOTT, The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours (St. Martin's Griffin) (PB) 7.50

PETER COLE, Things on Which I've Stumbled (New Directions) (PB) 8.95

SUSAN GARDNER, Box of Light/ Caja de Luz (Red Mountain) (PB) 10.95

ADRIAN HENRI, Selected and Unpublished (Liverpool University) (PB) 15

Descant: Fifty Years (TCU Press) (HB) 13.95

M.L. LIBLER, Wide Awake in Someone Else's Dream (Wayne State) (PB) 9.95

TOM LOMBARDO (ed), After Shocks (Santa Lucia) (PB) 14.95

VALERIO MAGRELLI, Instructions on How to Read a Newspaper and Other Poems (Chelsea Editions) (PB) 14.95

RAUAN KLASSNIK, Holy Land (Black Ocean) (PB) 11.95

JUSTIN QUINN, The Cambridge Introduction to Modern Irish Poetry, 1800-2000 (Cambridge University) (PB) 14.95

BROOKS HAXTON, They Lift Their Wings to Cry (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 12

LILA ZEMBORAIN, Mauve Sea-Orchids (Belladona) (PB) 15.95

HEIDI LYNN STAPLES, Dog Girl (Ahsahta) (PB) 9.95

MAGGIE NELSON, Something Bright, Then Holes (Soft Skull) (PB) 9.95

LAUREL BLOSSOM, Degrees of Latitude (Four Way) (PB) 9.95

MARTIN ESPADA, The Republic of Poetry (W.W. Norton) (HB) 11.95

MICHAEL MAGEE, My Angie Dickinson (Zasterle) (PB) 14.95

MEDBH MCGUCKIAN, The Currach Requires No Harbours (Wake Forrest) (PB) 8.95

RUTH STONE, What Love Comes To (Copper Canyon) (HB) 13.95

ANIA PATTERSON, Race, American Literature and Transnational Modernisms (Cambridge University) (HB) 56.95

MAO ZEDONG- The Poems of Mao Zedong (University of California) (HB) 11.95

ELAINE SEXTON, Causeway (New Issues) (PB) 7.95

ODYSSEUS ELYTIS, Selected Poems 1940-1979 (Anvil) (PB) 9.95

LESLEY WHEELER, Voicing American Poetry (Cornell) (PB) 14.95

RYAN MURPHY, Down With the Ship (Otis) (PB) 11

NANA LAMPTON, The Moon With the Sun in Her Eye (Fleur-de-Lis) (HB) 10.95

The Best American Erotic Poems (Scribner) (HB) 9.95

JAMES HOGG, A Queer Book (Edinburgh) (PB) 14.95

The Making of a Sonnet: A Norton Anthology (W.W. Norton) (HB) 17.50

Inclined to Speak: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry (University of Arkansas) (PB) 14.95

THOMAS JAMES, Letters to a Stranger (Graywolf) (PB) 8.95

KEVIN YOUNG, For the Confederate Dead (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 9.95

LORNA GOODISON, From Harvey River (Amistad) (HB) 12.95

PHILIP SCHULTZ, Failure (Harcourt) (HB) 11.50

MARTIN ESPADA, The Republic of Poetry (W.W. Norton) (PB) 7.95

ROBERT BLY (trans), The Angles Knocking on the Tavern Door (Harper) (HB) 10.95

SIMON ARMITAGE, Tyrannosaurus Rex Versus the Corduroy Kid (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 14.95

DEBORAH BAKER, A Blue Hand: The Beats in India (Penguin) (HB) 13.95

MARY KINZIE, California Sorrow (Alfred Knopf) (HB) 9.95

ALEX LEMON, Hallelujah Blackout (Milkweed) (PB) 8.50

PHYLLIS WAT, The Influence of Paintings Hung in Bedrooms (United Artists) (PB) 7.95

KRISTI MAXWELL, Realm Sixty-Four (Ahsahta) (PB) 11.50

BETTY ADCOCK, Slantwise (Louisiana University) (PB) 9.95

JAMES AGEE, Selected Poems (Library of America) (PB) 6.95

MELANIE ALMEDER, On Dream Street (Tupelo) (PB) 9.50

A. R. AMMONS, Collected Poems (1951-71) (Norton) (PB) 11.95

INGEBORG BACHMANN, Darkness Spoken (Zephyr) (PB) 14.95

CHARLES BERNSTEIN, Girly Man (University of Chicago) (PB) 9.95

ROBERT BLY, Turkish Pears In August (Eastern Washington University) (PB) 9.95

BOETHIUS, Fortune's Prisoner (Anvil) (PB) 9.95

MARIANNE BORUCH, Grace, Fallen from (Wesleyan University) (HB) 13.95

CORAL BRACHO, Firefly Under the Tongue (New Directions) (PB) 9.95

KATE COLBY, Unbecoming Behavior (Ugly Duckling) (PB) 11.95

STANLEY CRAWFORD, Some Instructions (Dalkey Archive) (PB) 7.95

W.S. DI PIERO, Chinese Apples (Alfred A. Knopf) HB) 13.95

JOHANNA DRUCKER AN SUSAN BEE, A Girl's Life (Granary) PB) 11.95

PAUL ELUARD, Love, Poetry (Black Widow) PB) 12.95

MARTIN ESPADA, Crucifixion in the Plaza de Armas (Smoke Stack) (PB) 12.95

PAUL FATTARUSO, Bicycle (Hotel St. George) (PB) 6.95

ELAINE FEINSTEIN, Anna of All the Russians (Alfred A. Knopf) (HB) 14.95

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, Coney Isaland of the Mind (New Directions) (HB) 14.95

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, Poetry As Insurgent Art (New Directions) (HB) 8.50

THE FOURS SEASONS: POEMS (Everyman's Library) (HB) 7.95

RICHARD GILBERT, Poems of Conciousness (Red Moon) (PB) 22.95 (w/ CD!)

LARS GUSTAFSSON, A Time in Xanadu (Copper Canyon) (PB) 8.95

JACK HIRSHMAN, All That's Left (City Lights Foundation) (PB) 6.95

BANJAMIN HOLLANDER, Vigilance (Beyond Baroque Books) (PB) 6.95

HELFGOTT HYETT, Rift (The University of Arkansas) (PB) 8.95

JOHN ISLES, Inverse Sky (University of Iowa) (PB) 8.95

RODNEY JONES, Salvation Blues (First Mariner) (PB) 8.95

CAROLINE KNOX, Quaker Guns (Wave Books) (PB) 7.95

DAVID LEHMAN (ED), The Best American Erotic Poems (Scribner) (PB) 8.95

GABRIEL LEVIN, The Maltese Dreambook (Anvil) (PB) 9.95

ALESSANDRA LYNCH, It was a terrible cloud at twilight (Pleiades) (PB) 8.95

SARAH MACLAY, The White Bride (University of Tampa) (PB) 11.00

CLARENCE MAJOR, Myself Painting (Louisiana State) (PB) 12.00

DOUGLAS A. MARTIN, In the Time of Assignments (soft skull) (PB) 8.95

MATTHEW MEAD, The Autumn-Born In Autumn (Anvil) (PB) 11.95

W. S. MERWIN, Spanish Ballads (Copper Canyon) (PB) 8.95

VALZHYNA MORT, Factory of Tears (Copper Canyon) (PB) 7.50

ANNA MOSCHOVAKIS, I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone (Turtle Point) 7.95

PABLO NERUDA, The Hands of Day (Copper Canyon) (PB) 10.95

MICHAEL PALMER, Active Boundries (New Directions) (PB) 12.95

ED PALVIC, Winners Have Yet To Be Announced (University of Georgia) (PB) 11.95

OCTAVIO PAZ, Figures & Figurations (New Directions) (PB) 11.95

KEVEN POWELL, No Sleep Till Brooklyn (soft skull) (PB) 9.00

ANNA RABINOWITZ, The Wanton Sublime (Tupelo) (PB) 8.95

RA'HEL, Flowers of Perhaps, (The Toby Press) (PB) 8.50

RILKE AND ANDREAS-SALOME, A Love Story Through Letters (Norton) (PB) 9.95

RILKE (ULRICH BAER, ED), The Wisdom of Rilke (The Modern Library) (HB) 9.95

MICHAEL ROBERTSON, Worshipping Walt: The Whitman Disciples (Princeton) (HB) 16.95

MARY JO SALTER, A Phone Call to the Future (Alfred A. Knopf) (HB) 9.95

ED SANDERS, Revs of the Morrow (Libellum) (PB) 8.95

LESLIE SCALAPINO, It's go in horizontal (University of California) (PB) 10.95

MATTHEW SCHWARTZ, Blessings for the Hands (University of Chicago) (PB) 7.95

B. T. SHAW, This Dirty Little Heart (Eastern Washington University) (PB) 7.95

REGINALD SHEPHERD, Orpheus in the Bronx (University of Michigan) (PB) 10.95

JANE SHORE, A Yes-or-No Answer (Houghton Mifflin) (HB) 11.95

STAN SMITH, poetry & displacement (Liverpool University) (HB) 28.95

WILLIAM STAFFORD, Another World Instead (Graywolf) (HB) 11.95

MAURA STANTON, Immortal Sofa (University of Illinois) (PB) 9.50

MARK SVENVOLD, Empire Burlesque (Ohio State University) (PB) 7.95

RABINDRANATH TAGORE, The Golden Boat (Anvil) (PB) 12.95

TRYFON TOLIDES, An Almost Pure Empty Walking (Penguin) (PB) 8.95

GERALD VIZENOR, almost ashore (Salt) (PB) 8.95

CONNIE VOISINE, Rare High Meadow Of Which I Might Dream (U of Chicago)(PB) 7.95

LEWIS WARSH, Inseparable (1995-2005) (Granary) (PB) 9.95

MICHAEL WIEGERS (ED), This Art: Poems About Poetry (Copper Canyon) (PB) 7.95

BRUCE WEIGL, Declension in the Village of Chung Luong (Ausable) (PB) 7.95

JACK WILER, Fun Being Me (CavanKerry) (PB) 7.95

LISA WILLIAMS, Woman Reading to the SEA (Norton) (HB) 11.95

GABRIEL ZAID, The Secret of Fame (Paul Dry Books) (HB) 8.95

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