Monday, July 14, 2008


JESSE MOYNIHAN: The Backwards Folding Mirror Issue #1 $2.50
a surreal series of vignettes, revolving around a cone-hatted no-one, and his experiences with the forces of nature, and the nature of the displaced. Highly influenced by the works of Comte de Lautreamont, Amos Tutuola and Alejandro Jodorowsky; the Backwards Folding Mirror is a personal and layered exploration of the illogical and the fantastic, swirling through the context of a life in its lowest and highest moments.

JESSE MOYNIHAN: The Backwards Folding Mirror Issue #2 $2.95
Here it is: The 2nd issue! Continuing the adventures of our namless hero as he comes to grips with assisted pony suicide, crimes of passion, immortality,nightmares come to life, and scrambled porn channels.

MARC BELL: Shrimpy and Paul (New PB) $16.95
The first book collection from Montreal cartoonist Marc Bell. This book features the puzzling and profound antics of Shrimpy, his best buddy Paul, and their assortment of friends and hangers-on. Philosophical, frantic, and funny, Bell's drawings jump with delightful, nervous energy. As a bonus, there are 16 pages of Bell's color scrapbooks. -Last Gasp

Critical Citadel (New PB Anthology) $10.00
“Packs of raving cartoonists run through the streets all night, scratching and scuffing everything in sight. Lock your doors. Bind your eyes. Lest their visions become yours.”–Gary Panter

KILLOFFER: The 676 Apparitions of Killoffer (New PB Folio) $25.95
... I went right down to the abyss - on a journey demanding complete immersion, and the sensitivity of a rare bird ... all of which was beyond me ...
Charting Killoffer's violent odyssey through a world overflowing with his many selves, 676 Apparitions is a spectacularly ambitious attempt to roll back the constraints of autobiography and graphic narrative.
Originally published in French by L'Association in 2002, this is widely recognized to be one of the most important European comics of past years, and was nominated along with Jimmy Corrigan and David Boring for Best Album at Angoulême in 2003.

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